Fume Hood Optional Features

Lab Crafters’ fume hoods are available with a wide range of optional and custom features to improve every user’s work experience.


  • Automated Sash Positioning System
    • Automatically repositions the sash based on user presence
    • Fully programmable to set operating sash heights, delay times to close, etc.
    • Graphical user interface for manually raising/lowering the sash and controlling the system
    • Integral airflow monitor
    • Available for single and dual vertical sashes
  • LED fume hood lighting.
  • Electrical Receptacles and Raceways inside the fume hood chamber.
  • Plumbing manifolds inside the fume hood chamber.
  • Monitor/tablet arms and mounts.
  • Digital camera and screen mounts for demonstration or video recording.
  • Access control for the fume hood sash.
  • Adjustable height fume hood stands.