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Our Approach

We are committed to developing laboratory environments that encourage exploration and enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and safety. We strive to build strong collaborative partnerships with our clients to fully understand and fulfill their needs.

Ensuring Business Success

We take the time to think through your specific laboratory project from multiple perspectives. Your new laboratory needs to work for you on Day 1, and it should also be able to expand and grow as your needs change and evolve. Future-proofing your lab is essential to keeping ahead of the curve. Our advanced services planning and adaptable furniture systems become a sustainable solution for your laboratory’s needs into the future, which reduces unnecessary costs and lost output.

Ensuring Business Success​

From the very start of a project, we assist in the assessment, planning, and design based on:

Creating Safe Labs

Scientists and researchers are what bring the lab to life. We design laboratory environments with their best interests in mind. Every individual member of the team is unique, so factors such as flexibility, workstyles, ergonomic health, and human safety are all considered to keep the team functioning at maximum capacity.

Creating Safe Labs

Safe Labs for A Better Tomorrow


As a member of SEFA, Lab Crafters provides laboratory grade workstations, furniture, and equipment. We support SEFA’s mission of creating humane, safe, and effective laboratory environments.

Fostering Collaborative Relationships

We have a wealth and variety of experience creating all types of laboratories, and we are excited to leverage that expertise with your project. Starting with strong collaboration and developing into a partnership that results in your laboratory’s improved safety, workflow, accelerated pipeline, and continuity of supply.

Our relationship with you is more than filling an order. Our knowledge of laboratories puts us in the position to ask the right questions so we can help elevate the output of your labs. Having open and transparent communication, coupled with a shared purpose and value, is what we strive for in a partnership.

Fostering Collaborative Relationships​ - Meeting Room
Fostering Collaborative Relationships​ - Laboratory

While we believe ‘best practices’ are essential to efficient operations, we prefer to focus on continually evolving better practices. By supporting your process, we can provide ideas and solutions that will make it incrementally better.

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