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Air Sentry Hero

Air Sentry® is the recognized leader in high performance fume hoods for today’s modern laboratory. Introduced in 1997 as the industry’s first low face velocity, high efficiency fume hood, it remains at the forefront of innovative fume hood product designs. Lab Crafters provides an extensive range of Air Sentry fume hood solutions, reaffirming our dedication to delivering the optimal ventilation solutions to meet your laboratory’s needs.

Types of Fume Hoods

Bench Mounted Fume Hoods

The workhorses of most laboratories, Bench Mounted Fume Hoods are set on a work surface between 29″ and 36″ high. The Air Sentry fume hoods are ergonomically designed to help the operator work in a safe manner. The combination style sash is standard on these hoods and Lab Crafters offers a wide variety of service fixture accessories and work surface options to suit the researcher’s needs.

Bench Mounted Fume Hood
Floor Mounted Fume Hood

Floor Mounted Fume Hoods

Floor mounted hoods and distillation hoods are designed to accommodate tall or oversized apparatus. The design of dual separate exhaust zones for the upper and lower chambers of these hoods allows for greater control of the hood interior airflow patterns and increases fume capture effectiveness and efficiency.

Specialty Exposure Control Devices

Lab Crafters manufactures a wide range of specialty exposure control devices, which are purpose-built for specific applications. Below is a sample list of some of these products.

Air Sentry Features


Electrical Services

Plumbing Services


Bench Fume Hood Specs

Bench Fume Hood Specs​
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