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I-FLEX, our most popular furniture system, was designed and engineered to empower labs for continuous change. Acting as a kit-of-parts, the system allows for customization and future re-configurability. This adaptability allows for the implementation of new research methodologies and technologies without the need for major renovations, keeping the laboratory up-to-date and responsive to current research needs. Sustainably designed with the core tenets of durability, stability, flexibility, and mobility enables easy integration of lab equipment, while providing necessary ergonomics and delivering smart economics.

Watch these videos to learn how I-FLEX can empower your labs for change

I-FLEX System - A Kit-of-Parts

I-FLEX System - Lab Applications

I-FLEX System Features

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Access to building utilities through
Ceiling Service Panel
Point-of-Use plumbing utilities to
bench through I-FLEX bench utility
poles with Quick Connect hoses
Point-of-Use electrical utilities
and data also available through
either or both vertical poles and
horizontal raceways

Free-standing and mobile fully-welded
framed base with casters + levelers can
hold up to 1500 lbs.

Adjustable height shelving spanning utility poles
Cantilevered and mobile storage cabinet
options available for under bench
Work surface available in 4 various
materials, thickness, and colors
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