About Us

Lab Crafters is the premier manufacturer of laboratory furniture systems, casework, seating, fume hoods, and custom solutions. A commitment to ingenuity has allowed us to provide the most respected and innovative laboratory products the industry has to offer. In a demanding market, the mission of Lab Crafters has always remained constant: To make your lab work for you.

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Innovation drives everything we do for our customers. We improve the performance of laboratories by offering high quality fume hoods, lab casework, lab furniture, and accessories while delivering best in class project execution. From product innovations such as the introduction of the first high performance, low velocity fume hood in 1997, to the introduction of I-FLEX, the first adaptable lab furnishing system that allowed point-of-service utilities to be easily moved and updated as the needs of the lab changed, Lab Crafters primary focus to moving the industry forward.
Working directly with planners, the construction industry, and owners allows us to tailor the right product solution for the needs of the users and empower laboratory staff and students by creating a lab that works for them. Our highly adaptable solutions ensure your laboratory solves the needs for today, while allowing for quick and cost-effective adaptability to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the future. Our fume hoods and furniture systems are the basis of design for countless high-end science and technology projects and Lab Crafters continues to evolve to meet the needs of research and science.

Our Vision

Lab Crafters will build the labs that…
…find the cure.
…develop the vaccine.
…discover the gene.
…teach the next generation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create state-of-the-art laboratory environments by providing innovative products and solutions tailored to support emerging and changing scientific processes and technology.

Why Lab Crafters?

Lab Crafters creates integrated laboratory solutions that are:

…Efficient & Flexible
…Innovative & Collaborative
…Safe & Ergonomic

Having earned the reputation of providing laboratory furniture and fume hood solutions of the highest quality and value, Lab Crafters continues to serve stakeholders through innovations in design and a focus on excellence in project execution. We are committed to Making Your Lab Work.

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