Specialty Cabinets

Steel cabinets are available for a variety of specialty applications to meet your laboratory requirements. The flush inset design features the face of the doors and drawers, flush with the cabinet body frame and set into a rabbeted opening. These specialty cabinets are purpose built for chemical storage, including flammable liquids or corrosives, or for housing equipment such as vacuum pumps. The cabinets are available in a wide variety of powder-coat paint colors.


Acid Cabinet Features

  • Cabinets feature polypropylene interior liner for resistance to corrosive chemical fumes.
  • Interior hardware, including door latches, are plastic construction.
  • Blocking for half-depth, fixed height shelf. Shelf made from phenolic resin or solid polypropylene.
  • Cabinet must be vented to prevent the accumulation and potential escape of corrosive fumes. Standard PVDF vent kits are included with all acid storage cabinets.
  • Optional liquid tight welded polypropylene bottom pan.
  • Cabinet label “DANGER ACID”.


Flammable Cabinet Features

  • Cabinets built in accordance with NFPA 30. Listed by Underwriters Laboratories under UL 1275.
  • Cabinets feature 18-gauge double steel wall construction with inner ceramic insulation wrap.
  • Doors include three-point latching system and optional self-closing mechanism.
  • Cabinet bottom features 2″ high liquid tight pan
  • Vent openings with spark arrester on the cabinet back for optional venting.
  • Cabinet label “FLAMMABLE-KEEP FIRE AWAY”.


Vacuum Pump Cabinet Features

  • Cabinets built according to project requirements.
    • Heavy-duty pull-out tray
    • Pull-out dolly
    • Electrical receptacle inside with flush switch on outside upper panel
    • Sound-deadening liner
    • Passive or active heat abatement
    • Vacuum line pass-through


Technical Specs

  • Available Widths: 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″, 48″
  • Available Heights: 29″, 35″
  • Depth: 22″