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Hinged Door Specs: Wall & Storage Cabinets

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Solid and glazed doors utilize removable, semi-concealed, stainless steel pivot hinges, capable of supporting a minimum of 200 lbs.

All doors are 3/4" thick, double wall construction, with all inner surfaces painted prior to assembly.

Inner and outer door panels are laminated with 5/8" thick acoustical honey-comb insulation.

Doors swing open a full 180 degrees to allow full access to the clear opening of the cabinet.

Top mounted roller catch insures positive closer without requiring excessive force to open or close.

Flush pulls prevent handle interference while offering a clean contemporary look. Handle pulls are made from an injection molded ABS, chemically resistant material designed to withstand the harshest laboratory environments.

Frameless hinged glass doors are 3/16" thick tempered glass with all edges polished and mounted on coated steel pivot hinges. These types of doors utilize bottom mounted push-release magnetic catches.

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Sliding Door Specs

All solid doors are 3/4" thick, double wall construction, with all inner surfaces painted prior to assembly.

All glazed door inner glass retainers are of stainless steel construction.

Frameless glass doors are 1/4" thick plate glass with applied flush pulls and polished edges.

Bottom edges of frameless glass sliding doors operate in extruded aluminum track with wear resistant nylon rollers.

All top hung sliding doors utilize convex nylon rollers operating in formed top hung track.

Doors have flush pulls and close against mounted rubber bumpers.

Cabinet Specs:
Cabinet Features:

All cabinets feature fully welded, flush face construction to provide rigid smooth fronts and solid support and alignments for all doors.

All hinged door openings are fully rabbeted for rigidity.

All cabinet bottoms feature formed pan construction with sides and rear formed up for easy cleaning.

All solid and glazed top hung door cabinets offer a smooth unobstructed bottom.

All cabinets are constructed to hospital grade vermin proof standards. |

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