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When tested to the ASHRAE 110-1995 Method of Testing Laboratory Fume Hoods, the Air SENTRY performs exceptionally well. The Air SENTRY qualifies as a "Class A" fume hood, per the performance specification in the ANSI/AIHA Z9.5-1992 American National Standard for Laboratory Ventilation. ASHRAE "As Manufactured" test reports are available upon request.


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ECT-HBASC6.PDF  Exposure Control Technologies ASHRAE 110 testing on a 6' bench top Air Sentry Fume Hood at Lab Crafters facility on 9/13/99.

ECT-HWASC6.PDF Exposure Control Technologies ASHRAE 110 testing on a 6' walk-in Air Sentry Fume Hood at Lab Crafters facility on 9/15/99.

UWM-HBASC5.PDF Modified ASHRAE 110 ("As Installed" and simulated "As Used") testing on a 5' bench top Air Sentry Fume Hood at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee on 2/21/00.

UWM-HBASC5-SUM.PDF Same report as above, no appendices.

Lab Crafters has further challenged the performance of its hoods with tests that go above and beyond the scope of these standards. These additional challenges include greater tracer gas release rates, varying and multiple tracer gas sensor locations, and the addition of cross drafts and other dynamic challenges during the tests.

The test reports above are three of the many performance tests conducted on the Air Sentry Fume Hood by independent organizations. To download the reports in *.pdf format, simply click on the bold type file name. Additional test reports will be posted as they become available in digital format.

The first two reports (ECT-HBASC6.PDF and ECT-HWASC6.PDF) were performed by Mr. Thomas C. Smith of Exposure Control Technologies, of Cary, North Carolina. Mr. Smith is recognized as one of the top experts in the field of fume hood testing and commissioning and is among the most experienced individuals in the world in the ASHRAE 110 test method. These reports contain the results of ASHRAE 110-1995 tests performed on a six-foot wide bench top Air Sentry Fume Hood and a six-foot wide walk-in Air Sentry fume hood, respectively. These tests were conducted at Lab Crafters test facility in Ronkonkoma, NY.

The third report (UWM-HBASC5.PDF) was prepared by the State of Wisconsin, Department of Administration, Division of Facilities Development. This report contains the results of modified ASHRAE 110-1995 tests, performed by Mr. Smith of ECT and Mr. Jack Wunder of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, on a five-foot wide bench top Air Sentry Fume Hood. For this report, the Air Sentry Fume Hood was tested side by side with a Fisher Hamilton, Inc. HOPEC Fume Hood at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The report compares the performance of the two hoods.

Any questions regarding these test reports may be forwarded to Lab Crafters or to the organizations that prepared the reports.





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