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Air SENTRY Features

A) Vortex Chamber:
The Air Sentry's Vortex Chamber has been designed mathematically and aerodynamically correct to optimize the flow of the vortex within the hood providing maximum containment at lower exhaust volumes and face velocities.

B) Vortex Control System:
The Vortex Controls measure the stability of the vortex airflow pattern within the hood chamber and automatically adjusts the articulating baffle to maintain maximum containment.

C) Articulating Baffle:
The Air Sentry's Baffle is designed in such a way that the slot positions change when the baffle is adjusted by the Vortex Controls.

D) Front Turning Vane:
The Front Turning Vane increases the stability of the vortex within the fume hood.

E) Fume Hood Monitor:
The Monitor measures the fume hood face velocity, alerting the user with visual and audible signals should the velocity drop below an Owner designated set point.

 F) Air Foil:
The Air Sentry's Air Foil features a multi-slot design which washes the work surface and adds another controlling jet stream to the vortex.

G) Post Foils:
The Post Foils allow for the streamlined entry of air into the fume hood. The Post Foils significantly cut down the turbulence of air entering the hood.

H) Horizontal/Vertical Combination Sash:
The Combo Sash provides easy access to the interior of the hood and allows the hood operator to use the horizontal panels as a safety shield.

I) Dual Exhaust:
The Walk-in style Air Sentry features separate exhaust outlets for the upper and lower chambers.

J) Lower Chamber Exhaust Slots:
The Walk-in style Air Sentry features multiple exhaust slots with turning vanes, located in the back wall of the lower chamber of the hood.


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