Manufacturers of the Air-Sentry Fume Hood


Canopy    Fume Hoods

Specific Features:

Chemical resistant polyurethane coated steel or stainless steel and have a duct collar on top to connect with an exhaust system.

Drip gutter located around the inside edges to collect condensation.

Removable slotted inside baffle to increase air velocity around the opening of the hood and to prevent back draft of hazardous vapors.

Optional Features:

Canopy hoods are used over tables or process equipment such as steam baths, hot plates or large sinks. Can also be used to vent objectionable or hazardous gasses from work stations. These hoods are typically wall or ceiling mounted.

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Painted Steel
Model W Duct Collar
H-461 48 12" Dia. Round
H-462 72 12" x 16" Square
Stainless Steel
Model W Duct Collar
H-466 48 12" Dia. Round
H-467 72 12" x 16" Square |

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