Manufacturers of the Air-Sentry Fume Hood


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1. All metal casework is of modern design and is constructed in accordance with the highest standards and practices of the metal casework industry. Superior quality is maintained by the use of special C.N.C. machinery, tools, dies, fixtures and the labor of skilled workmanship. This precision manufacturing technique insures minimal tolerances while achieving the proper clearances on all doors, drawers, openings and other moving parts.

2. All cabinets are made from completely welded assembly shells. This allows each case to be ri gi d and self-supporting to allow for interchangeability or free standing use.

3. All units shall be of flush front construction. At the intersection of vertical and horizontal case members, such as end panels, top rails, bottoms and vertical posts, all parts shall be on the same plane, without overlap, with welded exterior corners. Cracks and crevices will not be present. All door and drawer fronts are in the same plane as the exterior case members. Hinged door cabinet shells shall be rabbeted on all four sides and on the top and sides for sliding door cabinets so as to provide a dust resistant case.

4. All units feature cleanable flush interiors. All posts, reinforcing members, or channel uprights shall be enclosed the full height and width of the unit. The bottom is of pan construction with two ends and back formed up for easy cleaning.

5. Floor mounted cabinets feature a toe space 4” high and 3” deep with full return, reinforcing bottom of cabinet enclosing the toe space area. Base units have die formed and threaded gusset at each corner. Height adjusting bolts are located at each corner. Adjusting bolts are 1/2” dia. and have a base flange area of not less than 1” square inch to prevent damage to floor.

6. All cupboard units feature removable backs. Backs are of one piece construction with removable knock-out panels. Removable panels are flush, formed in place for rigidity and prepared for ease of removal and replacement. Sink cabinets utilize a lowered single piece formed back for utilities access.


1. All finishes are reagent resistant catalytically activated polyurethane applied to chemically prepared and cleaned steel surfaces.

2. Prior to application of colored finish, all metal surfaces are cleaned at elevated temperatures and treated with a micro-crystalline zinc phosphate coating to insure superior adhesion and corrosion resistance.

3. Treated parts are oven dried and gradually cooled before final finish is applied.

4. The final finish is a high grade, chemically resistant two-part catalytically activated polyurethane that is oven baked to insure positive adhesion. See color card for available colors.


1. All removable shelves are adjustable in 1/2” increments. Shelves have four sides formed down 3/4”, with an additional 3/4” return front and back. Shelves that are 48” and longer are provided with a full width hat channel welded at mid span.



Download Specifications for the Air Sentry Fume Hood


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