Manufacturers of the Air-Sentry Fume Hood



1. Door and drawer pulls are made from chemically resistant ABS material that mount flush with the surface. Color: black

2. Hinges are removable, heavy duty pivot type, formed from 11 ga. stainless steel with nylon bushing to allow ease of movement. Assembled hinges are concealed within the door and cabinet stile with only the pivot point exposed at the corner edge of the door. Hinges are capable of supporting a 200 pound load.

3. Door catches feature a spring actuated with a nylon roller that is self adjusting for controlled opening and closing action.

4. Locks, where shown or specified, are of heavy duty type with 14 tumblers having a minimum of 7000 primary key changes within 240 master key groups and 30 grand master keys. Two keys are provided with each lock keyed differently, and two keys for each master key group. The face of each lock is of satin finish.

5. Label holders, where shown or specified, are sized to compliment the door and drawer pulls and are black in color. 6. Shelf clips are of die formed steel, and zinc plated. Shelf clips fully engage in adjustment holes .

Metal Gauges:

The following table lists the metal gauges of common cabinet components. For more specific technical data please contact the factory

20 Ga. Cold Rolled Steel Door panel interiors, Scribing strips, Filler panels, Enclosures, Security panels, Shelves, Sloped tops
20 Ga. Stainless Steel Drawer bodies
18 Ga. Cold Rolled Steel Door panel exteriors, Case tops, Bottoms, Bases, Backs, Vertical Posts, Uprights
16 Ga. Cold Rolled Steel Top front rails, Intermediate horizontal rails, Table legs, Aprons and Frames, Leg rails, Stretchers
14 Ga. Cold Rolled Steel Drawer suspensions, drawer tracks, cabinet tracks
11 Ga. Cold Rolled Steel Leveling screw mounting plate
11 Ga. Stainless Steel Door Hinges

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