Manufacturers of the Air-Sentry Fume Hood


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1. Drawers are available in a variety of heights and widths for efficient flexibility and storage capacities. Drawers are located on cabinets as to provide maximum functional use.

2. Bodies are of one piece stainless steel construction including bottom, both sides, back and inner front. They are fully coved at the bottom interior on all four sides for easy cleaning. All top edges are formed for strength and designed to provide convenient hand holding position if drawer is removed. Fronts are of double wall construction.

3. Drawer suspension is achieved by heavy duty formed drawer tracks. Tracks are round for med raceways to allow self centering of drawer within the track. Drawers tracks utilize nylon tires wheels with ball bearing rollers. Drawer runners and case channels are securely fastened to the drawer body and case members.

4. Drawer shall lock open when in the full open position and have self closing tracks enabling them to roll into the case when extended approximately 5” in the open position. Drawers are removable without the use of tools. Drawer heads are insulated with foam insulation and feature rubber bumpers secured into pre-punched holes for cushioned closing.

5. File drawers can be furnished with a spring loaded file follower when specified.


1. Hinged doors are 3/4” thick, double wall construction insulated with 5/8” thick honey comb material, to provide maximum rigidity and sound attenuation. All interior door surfaces are painted prior to assembly. Doors close against rubber bumpers installed in pre-punched holes.

2. Sliding doors are of double pan construction. All sliding doors have convex nylon rollers operating in a formed top hung track. Doors have flush pulls and close against mounted rubber bumpers.

3. Frameless glass sliding doors are nominal 1/4” thick sheet glass with applied pulls. Bottom edges of doors slide in an extruded aluminum track on nylon rollers. Rubber bumper stops are provided for doors in the fully open and fully closed position.

Table Frames:

1. Table aprons are formed into a 4 1/2” high channel shape. Any drawers furnished with apron are of the same constructions and suspension as described above.

2. Leg assemblies are welded construction and attached to the table apron using frame bolts. Table legs are cut from 2” square tubular steel and provided with recessed leveling bolt.

3. Knee space frames are 1-1/2” high furnished where indicated, where maximum knee space height is desired and drawers are not required. Legs, when required, are welded to the frame.

4. Leg rails and stretchers are channel formed and welded, supplied only where indicated


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