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General Specifications Cantilevered Cabinets

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  • Suspension frames are fabricated from 11 gauge, 2" square tubular steel and modules are completely welded assemblies.
  • Cabinets bolt to the underside of the "C"-Frame and are supported on the bottom by a steel angle bolted to the frame.
  • Finished Height: (with 1 1/4" thick tops) Standing Height models finish 37 1/2" high. Sitting Height models finish at 31 3/4" high.
  • Cabinets clear the floor by 6 3/4"
  • Same sturdy construction as found in all standard Lab Crafters base cabinets.


  • This system allows for the greatest amount of interchangeability of drawers, doors and complete cabinet units.
  • Ideal for rapidly changing work environments or temporary lab facilities.
  • Design flexibility.
  • Suspended cabinets allow space for cleaning below cabinets.

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