Manufacturers of the Air-Sentry Fume Hood


Fume Hood / Hazardous Base Cabinets

General Features:

  • Standard construction of cold rolled steel finished with a durable polyurethane coating.
  • Choice of many standard colors, see color card for details.
  • Contemporary flush pulls standard on all doors and drawers.
  • Adjustable base levelers.
  • Three point latching system on all flammable storage units.
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Optional Features:

  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Two tone color scheme.
  • Custom colors.
  • Raised pulls on drawers and doors.
  • Custom drawer/door configurations.
  • Special heights, widths, or depths.
  • Locks.
  • Vent kit.

Flammable Storage Cabinets: Constructed in accordance with NFPA 30 standards.
Acid Storage Cabinets: Polypropylene lined to resist acid damage.
Non Hazardous Storage Cabinets: Designed to fit below fume hoods for non hazardous material storage

Shelf Notes

Flammable and Non-Hazardous storage cabinets have one full depth adjustable shelf.
Acid storage cabinets have one half depth polypropylene fixed shelf.

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Acid & Flammable
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Model W H
BFLR33 36 35
BFLR43 48 35
Model W H
BALR33 36 35
BALR43 48 35
Model W H
BALR33 36 35
BALR43 48 35
Model W H
BHLR33 36 35
BHLR43 48 35

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Flammable Storage
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Acid Storage
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Model W H


60 35
Model W H
BALR53 60 35
Acid & Flammable Storage
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Non-Hazardous Storage
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Model W H
BAFLR53 60 35
Model W H
BHLR53 60 35



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